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Tue Oct 3 2023

Dripping Springs Swim
Dripping Springs YMCA
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:30 AM
End: 10:00 AM (estimated)

Athletes are excused from morning classes this day.  When signing up for individual events, please pick either the 50 free or the 100 free if either one of those is a preference.  Athletes are asked not to sign up for both the 50m and 100m free.  You may sign up for one of those and the 200m free or any other individual event.

Fri Oct 13 2023

Burnet Dive Meet
Highland Lakes YMCA
Start: 5:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:30 PM
End: 7:00 PM (estimated)

See Meet Sheet for information about our portion of the competition at Burnet on October 13th.

Fri Oct 27 2023

2023 AISD Swim Invitational
Jamail Swim Center, Austin, TX
Start: 9:30 AM
Warm-up: 8:15 AM

We are not competing the entire meet.  Athletes must be members of the District Team to compete.  We are only competing up through the 100 Freestyle.  Do not sign up for 500 Free, 100 Breast, or 100 Back.  We will change out at 11:00am.  No athlete is allowed to complete past Coach Parks' and the team's departure for Angleton.  Your entries for the 500 free, 100 Back, and 100 Breast will be deleted.  With the limited number of entries, many athletes may only have 1 event.  We are allowed an A and B relay for the 200 Medley Relay.    

DIVERS:  Please open the attached file to the meet to see instructions on how to sign up for the meet.  

You have 48 hours to sign up for this meet.  I need to close entries Friday morning and send them to the officials before the end of school.  There will not be any time to follow up with anyone between entry closures and entry submission.  

TRANSPORTATION:  Those going to Angleton will have a ride from the charter bus (pick-up at 11:30am sharp).  If you are not going to Angleton, please arrange your own transportation back to LASA.  Your are expected to attend the second half of the day after lunch.  If you cannot arrange your own transportation, please DO NOT sign up for the meet.  I unfortunately cannot request a bus to LASA if I am not able to sign off for it's arrival at campus.  I will be heading to Angleton with the travel team.  

Fri-Sat Oct 27-28 2023

Surfside Splash Invitational (Results)
Angleton Aquatics Center
Start: 9:45 AM

Fri-Sat Oct 27-28 2023

Angleton Surfside Swim and Dive
Angleton, TX
Start: 4:30 PM
Warm-up: 9:10 AM
End: 8:00 PM (estimated)

Diving Warm-UP at 4:30pm Friday.  Swim Warm-Up at 8:00am Saturday.  We will go to the beach after the meet OR after diving.  See Meet Sheet for details.  We will depart with a Charter Bus.  Non District Team plan is to meet the bus at LASA and 11:00am and then go pick up District team at the AISD Invitational around 11:30am.  We need to arrive in time for divers to warm-up.  We will all go watch the diving meet Friday night.  


Friday:  11am departure from LASA  /  11:30am departure from UT, 4:30pm Dive Warm-Up

Saturday:  9:10am Warm-Up Lanes 5-8 in both pools, 9:45am Start, 1:00pm Finish

Saturday:  10pm return to LASA from Angleton / Surfside

Buses should be at front bus ramp Friday and return to the same place Saturday.  

Fri Nov 17 2023

KISD Invitational
Clemets Boys and Girls Club 5100 Trimmier Rd Killeen, Tx 76542
Start: 10:00 AM
Warm-up: 9:00 AM
End: 1:00 PM (estimated)

Sat Dec 9 2023

RRISD Aquatics Center
Start: 9:30 AM
End: 1:00 PM

2801 Gattis School Road, Round Rock, Texas 78664

We don't have a warm-up time yet.  I would will attempt to get an early bus at 7:00am from LASA. just in case we get an early warm-up.  I will close entries at 8pm on Friday (72 hours to complete your entries).  Please note the "cut" times for this meet.  Rather than a minimum speed, this is a "Non-TISCA" meet in which TISCA qualifying times are not allowed.

For club swimmers with speeds not in our LASA database, I expect you to be fair and honest in not requesting an event that you have a time better in within your club competition history.  KEY NOTE: they are not enforcing a cut-time for the 50 free, so anyone is allowed to sign up for the 50 Free.  

Although entries per team seem to be "open", I may still need to adjust entries depending on the number of competitors.  Please remember as always that your declaration and event sign-up is only an indication of preference and not a guaranteed final entry for the meet.  Changes that are made before the meet when I share final entries are not "mistakes".  

Please DO NOT sign up for both the 50 Free and 100 Free.  Pick one if you have a time that is below the "cut" time.  To reiterate, the cut time means you have to be SLOWER than that time.  Athletes with a time faster than the time listed are not allowed to sign up for that event.  

PARENTS:  we are required to have 2 timers for this meet.  Since it is a local meet in Round Rock, I hope we will have no trouble finding timers.  Please sign up to time if you are available.  Thanks so much!  

Sat Dec 16 2023

2023 Tex Robertson Invite
Burnet YMCA
Start: 10:00 AM
Warm-up: 9:30 AM
End: 3:30 PM (estimated)

7:30am Bus Departure from LASA.  You can sign up for the bus here:  https://forms.gle/jDJq7ugSHFUZXsSdA

9:00am Latest possible arrival for athletes not on bus

9:30am Warm-Ups (only 30 minutes)

10:00am Start

TBD - Finish (Diving starts after they change over pool) Estimated 3:30pm end of all events, including diving.

Bus returning to LASA for those needing a ride.  The bus will stay with Coaches to watch the Diving Events.  The bus is not planning to depart the pool after swimming.  Diving usually only takes about 1 hour.  Those riding the bus will stay to support divers and ride back after the diving is completed.    

Maximum of 2 individual events.  We are only allowed 2 relays, and we will not be able to enter more than 6 athletes in each event.  Please do EITHER the 50 Free or 100 Free, NOT both.  You can obviously do any two other events.  The Freestyle short distances are not required, but if you sign up for both you will be removed for one to accommodate for these popular events.

Entry declaration / Availability / sign up will close midnight Saturday.  No late entries will be accepted.  

Coach Parks

Fri Jan 12

GHS Winter Invite 2024
GHS High School
Start: 9:00 AM
Warm-up: 8:15 AM
End: 11:15 AM (estimated)

With the new Warm-Up List, we are scheduled to warm-up from 8:15am-8:45am in Lanes 1-4.  The latest arrival for athletes should be 8am now instead of the original 7am.  Races start at 9am.  The anticipated is now much earlier than expected, at 11:15am.  

Athletes are excused from school after the meet; however, if you drive back to LASA or have a parent or coach take you to LASA, you are required to go to class.  You cannot stay in the athletic wing or library.  

Tue Jan 16

USA Swimming Times Current School Year
Start: 10:30 AM

Thu-Sat Jan 25-27

25 5A-District Championships 2024
RRISD Aquatic Center
Start: 1:45 PM
Warm-up: 9:00 AM
End: 1:00 PM (estimated)

Diving is Thursday.  12pm Check-in, 1pm Warm-Up, 1:45pm Start

Swimming is only on Saturday.  9am WU / 10am Start.

Please see meet sheet for details.  To Confirm, Diving and Swimming are happening on 2 different days.  


CONFIRM YOUR BUS RIDE HERE (7:45am Departure from LASA Student Lot):


Fri-Sat Feb 9-10

Region VII 5A Swim and Dive
Southwest ISD Aquatic Center, 9290 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78242
Start: 1:00 PM
Warm-up: 11:20 AM
End: 5:00 PM (estimated)

See Meet Sheet for more details about Prelims, Diving, and Finals

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